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How to render a Razor template with PowerShell

April 29, 2012


The Microsoft ASP.NET Razor view engine has an API that can be leveraged outside of the normal ASP.NET MVC context. In this post we are going to use PowerShell to render a Razor template. Lets get started. First of all we have to load the System.Web.Razor.dll assembly: Add-Type -Path path\to\System.Web.Razor.dll There are three classes in the Razor […]

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Call by Contract (CbC) JavaScript library

March 11, 2012


The Call by Contract (CbC) JavaScript library is a Design by Contract (DbC) JavaScript implementation. Here is the definition of Design by Contract at Wikipedia: Design by contract (DbC), also known as contract programming, programming by contract and design-by-contract programming, is an approach for designing software. It prescribes that software designers should define formal, precise and […]

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jQuery Mobile and client generated pages

January 23, 2012


Normally you would use jQuery Mobile for server generated pages. But you can also create the pages dynamically with JavaScript in the browser. To make this work we need to do a little jQuery Mobile configuration and call some utility methods our self. In this sample todo list web app we will have this data in local storage: We will […]

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Windows Phone SVG Icon Generator

November 7, 2011


When you submit a Windows Phone app you need to specify the app’s icon in different resolutions: Application Icon (62 x 62) Application Tile Image (173 x 173) Device application icon for Windows Phone Marketplace catalog (99 x 99) Device application icon for Windows Phone Marketplace catalog (173 x 173) Desktop application icon for Windows […]

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The HTML class attribute: for styling purposes only?

August 2, 2011


Introduction Early specifications The www-style mailing list Later specifications Pulling it all together Conclusion Side note Introduction Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) has the HyperText Markup Language (HTML) language specific class selector. The CSS rule below applies to an HTML element which has a class attribute with the value name: *.name { color: gray; } Without […]

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